"I've seen the beauty in mystery, and I've been afraid of the dark.
It's just a typical fear of the ocean and they'll never rule your heart."

Fall 2020

I find myself watching hockey in empty arenas and baseball games with cardboard crowds and it doesn't feel that weird....that's weird. The Kelly Music Center just released the Year in Review. Check out the Power Point online from the Kelly Site and download the PDF. There's a good shot of some friends of mine at the Kelly Center/Delco gig in there! "Spot the Looney" (kudos if you get that reference)
Take care and stay healthy!

"Delco" is a 15 song collection recorded live at the Kelly Center on October 19, 2019. It's distributed by Catapult on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Music, iHeart Radio, Medianet, Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, Tidal and YouTube Music. Delco features a Digital Booklet with photos, lyrics and more.

Like the album cover?

The Delco logo provided courtesy of Blue Routed. You can kinda hear the whole thing come together during the "Crack the Biscuit" encore. You can also find some pretty neat stuff on the Blue Rooted Site. Get your Delco on!