The Kelly Center-April 15th, 2023

Bowling Night at the Kelly Music Center featuring Mike (Rocky) McNichol, Jorge Muniz, Jeff Sund and special guest Chris McCord

The past few years I've wandered back out to play at some open mics hosted by friends. These all seem to happen on Tuesdays so my wife began referring to it as my "bowling night". I thought it might be cool to host an event to showcase these guys. Over the years Chris has played with all of us and he was into it. I approached Tom Kelly back before Christmas and pitched the idea behind "Bowling Night."

The date of the show wound up being Tax Day (yeah,yeah the official day was the 17th but the thought of opening the show with "The Back Tax Grovel" was pretty funny). It wound up being a lot of fun and there may be a sequel at some point but for now, here is the complete show on the Kelly Center You Tube channel below. Thanks again to all who came out! We managed to raise money for the Kelly Center and i was even able to put some bowling money in the players pockets.

Watch the show on Kelly's You Tube Channel

photography by joel perlish photography See More (we're in the Kelly Folder)