The Kelly Center-October 19th, 2019

Dennis Selfridge at the Kelly Music Center with Special Guest Chris McCord

It took some time for the Kelly Center to launch but it was quite an undertaking and the place is beautiful! Tom Kelly and his group have done a phenomenal job since 2011 making Havertown a hotbed for Music and Cultural Festivals. Keep a look out for the Kelly Center Calendar. The room is already attracting interest from some local, regional and national artists as an intimate venue for the arts!

I was very proud to have the chance to not only get involved supporting the center but also a chance to reunite with Chris McCord and perform for many terrific folks we have had the pleasure of knowing and enjoying all thanks to the local bar scene. Specifically the legendary Rusty Nail of the late 80's and early 90's. Here's some familiar faces. Hang on to the Rustty Nail!

photography by joel perlish photography See More