"It's the person you are and the warmth you can bring. Hey, the secret of life can be anything..."

I wrote this song while I was in college and this was on the first demo I recorded in a basement studio on Cottman Ave in the "Northeast" in 1982. This live audio was recorded at the Kelly Center and mixed as a part of what became "Delco". It didn't make the "cut" when I was choosing songs but I had some fun taking the video feed from Kelly and injected some cheesy images and effects to get to the punch line. Check this out on my YouTube Channel I Believe - DERFed up Video from the Kelly center

Nothing is crazier (and actually cooler) than coming across a video on You Tube from something you honestly forgot you did! Chris and I met Ralph Liwin at a coffee house somewhere in Philly and he invited us up to Dover NJ to appear on his cable TV show. Check out this blast from the past on Horses Sing None of It.
Take care and stay healthy!

"Delco" is a 15 song collection recorded live at the Kelly Center on October 19, 2019. It's distributed by Catapult on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Music, iHeart Radio, Medianet, Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, Tidal and YouTube Music. Delco features a Digital Booklet with photos, lyrics and more.

Like the album cover?

The Delco logo provided courtesy of Blue Routed. You can kinda hear the whole thing come together during the "Crack the Biscuit" encore. You can also find some pretty neat stuff on the Blue Rooted Site. Get your Delco on!

This video and audio came directly from the camera at the Kelly Cnter. I did a little doodling with Wondershare and voila! Check it out What Do You Really Do? - DERFed up Video from the Kelly center

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