"For now I can only say. For now I can offer. For now I can change my ways. We can be who we choose to .... For now."

Dad/IT Biography 2000 through today

For most of this century, I've played a few private functions, benefits when asked and an occasional bar gig. Thanks to the beauty of technology, there's now quite a bit of DS material I discovered how to make available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play and Spotify. Though the "prolific" writing/recording period of my life ended 20 years ago, there are still some more recent recordings and old things kicking around in the archives that may still show up on the web, so I may not be done yet. I even wrote a new song for the GWDH gig. Anyway, today you can find me playing round with my catalog, my site and looking to do a little more as my kids are heading off to college. There is some music you can get on this site that will never be released in the big world. At least that's what my plan is at this point. As my father always said, "We'll see".

Music Biography 1985 through 1999

The terms smooth, unforced and pretty have been used to describe his melodies, while the lyrics are carefully chosen, thoughtful and introspective. There's a definite message in what be sings about, though you won't likely find it in newspaper headlines and editorial columns. Dennis has released eight albums and averaged about two hundred shows a year from 1985 through 1999; appearing everywhere from clubs to festivals. He's shared the stage with such stars as Dave Mason, Warren Zevon, John Hiatt, and David Bromberg.

His 1989 album, "What Do You Really Do?" garnered widespread recognition, with dozens of college radio stations coast to coast playing it, and produced the single "Fear of the Ocean". The 1992 release, "Don't Curse the Machine", cracked adult contemporary AAA charts and spawned a single ("900 Number Girl") in Europe. In January 1994 he released a live CD, "Simple Folks and Heroes", recorded at the legendary 23EAST Cabaret on the Philadelphia Main Line in May of 1993 with longtime lead guitarist/vocalist Chris McCord, bassist Jim Stager and drummer Erik Johnson. A single from that album, "For Now", appeared on a "Best of Philadelphia" compilation, which led to television appearances on PRISM, the city's major market pay per view channel. The album was a hit in Denmark and Sweden. As a result, Global Media of New York City marketed a remastered release (1996) across all of Europe and Asia. This album continues to be a best seller and has opened a number of doors in the music "biz".

He also released "Quilt", another studio production, in March of 1995. This album got serious regional airplay (Americana) in the South, New England, and Alaska and featured play in dozens of other markets. Universal of Philadelphia distributed it nationally. West Coast New Age artist "Daniel" discovered and covered the song "Milestones" on his 1996 Angel with a Twisted Wand.

Since 1994 Dennis has been a staff participant in "Young Writers Days"; these workshops involve writing songs with grade school students and exposing them to the joy of creativity. In 1996 Comcast Metrophone commissioned Dennis to write and produce a jingle "Don't Forget to Send" for their ongoing Children's Awareness Program.

In addition to performing solo and with his band, Dennis took part in "The Philly Acoustic Take-Out Tour", a traveling showcase featuring five of the best singer/songwriters in the area. This troupe toured the east coast from 1995 through 1997 and showcased at the Folk Alliance Conference in Washington, DC in the winter of '96.

February of 1997 saw Dennis performing solo for a month overseas in support of the remastered "Simple Folks". Upon his return stateside he wrote "Solo Gigging in Copenhagen", a feature article for "GIG" magazine that appeared in the May '98 issue.

In early 1999 the song "Fear of the Ocean" (from the live CD "Simple Folks...) was released on the "Acoustic Rainbow, Volume #7" compilation CD and reached over 1200 radio shows worldwide.

In February of 1999 www.dennisselfridge.com launched. April 3, 1999 the first MP3 cut, "Suit You Fine", debuted on MP3.com. In July of 1999 alone, over 2500 Dennis Selfridge songs were downloaded from MP3.com. The first MP3 enhanced CD, "Dennis Selfridge Sampler" arrived in July, 1999 and featured full song lyrics, stories and photos in addition to the music.