"You can leave your rumours and your judgement at the door.
Baby this place is the heart and soul of what we're living for."

"Delco Ed" Hummel

We had a great time at the Kelly Center and the night produced some surprises that took us beyond the planned set list. Little did we know that our time left with Ed was so short. Lots of the people at Kelly that night had come to know Ed and the Rusty Nail circa the late 80's so there was a bit of reunion in the air. I've always looked back on those early Rusty Nail days with a grateful admiration and for having the good fortune to stumble into that whole scene. On the Delco album, you can hear Ed as we share the "Put Ketchup on the Things We Chew" story and then listen to the crowd reaction during the "Delco Eddie and the Corner Crew" shout out during "Hang on to the Rusty Nail".

While we were going through pictures we realized how that whole gang started in early 1985 and for the next 4 or 5 years the "Nail" became the place to be. Anyone who walked into that bar during that time remembered the bartender who said Very Nice!".

Ed, Thanks for being you!
You've touched so many lives and will be sorely missed.

"Delco" is lovingly and respectfully dedicated to "Delco Ed". You can download the updated liner notes from Delco here. It went to press before we lost Ed so this tribute is only in the copy here on my site. The iTunes booklet doesn't contain that page in it.

Here are some other photos from The Kelly Center Show (10/19/2019)