The Kelly Center

Dennis Selfridge at the Kelly Music Center
with Special Guest Chris McCord

It took some time for the Kelly Center to launch but it was quite an undertaking and the place is beautiful! Tom Kelly and his group have done a phenomenal job since 2011 making Havertown a hotbed for Music and Cultural Festivals. Keep a look out for the Kelly Center Calendar. The room is already attracting interest from some local, regional and national artists as an intimate venue for the arts!

I went to the ground breaking ceremony last July and met up with a familiar face; Delaware County Pizza Boy and legend Harry Ancone helping the cause! Harry, do you have any pictures of us doing the shovel and hardhat thing?

The other pictures I just took last week when I toured the finished venue. There is a small kitchen and the facilities are very energy conscious (green). The plan is to be a flexible listening venue that can host Alchohol Free, All Age and BYOB shows for different events.

I think it's going to be exciting to see what else comes to Havertown through the Kelly Music Center. The Music Festival has been getting a bit bigger every year and now there are Irish, Italian, Heritage and Harvest Festivals happening annually. There are plans for Comedy Shows, Open Mics and most of all a place for our High School homegrown talent to shine in a listening environment. Good Stuff!