"I've seen the beauty in mystery, and I've been afraid of the dark.
It's just a typical fear of the ocean and they'll never rule your heart."

Interesting development that actually originated at the Grange Estate show back in September. An old friend and former boss of mine in IT world said he was trying to see if I was on Pandora or anything like that. Hmmm, I had never even considered trying that. So I did a quick Google and found a distributor that handles that sort of thing. I decided to dip my toe in the pool with Simple Folks to see what would happen. Long story short: Simple Folks was released in iTunes 12/1/2016 and we were hanging out last night with friends who got Amazon's Echo and my wife said "Echo, play Dennis Selfridge". We laughed until Echo said "playing Dennis Selfridge music from Spotify" and "I'm in Mourning" started playing. Yes folks, that album is now on Spotify and already is picking up followers. Please check it out. I will start to build a catalog on there and see where this goes. Pretty cool for an old guy!

Newest addition on the downloads page:
A quick and dirty live collection called "George Washington Drank Here". The show was a fun reunion of Dennis Selfridge and Chris McCord playing out together for the first time in years! 19 songs in all recorded at the Grange Estate in Havertown. The story of the title comes from an email blast sent out by Joe Rastatter the day before the gig. Joe said "The Grange on Tap event is tomorrow night from 6 to 9. Live music and Libations. George Washington drank here and now is your chance."
Special thanks to Joe Rastatter and Kathy Parkinson (host and emcee) for having us!
Kudos to Bill Parkinson who did a wonderful job on sound and lights and recording us direct to digital.
We even had the pleasure of meeting Bill Penn, the president of the Grange Estate Association!

Check out a few photos of this beautiful new amphitheater, situated on the Historic Grange Estate. Calling all attendees, please feel free to share any photos you'd like posted!

As always, I enjoy hearing from friends and fans new and old so drop a line and let me know how you are and if there's anything I can put up for you on the download page. Peace! Dennis